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Embracing My Inner Child

In general, I have always considered myself to be somewhat of an “old soul.” As a child I preferred conversing with adults to playing with toys, I’m usually more serious than I am silly, and I’m typically the person my friends turn to when they need practical solutions and advice. The one glaring exception to this tendency toward boring responsibility is that I LOVE, and I do mean LOVE, sprinkles. On everything. I can’t control myself. It’s actually quite ridiculous. I mean, it’s not socially acceptable for a grown women to elbow out a small child for a pink frosted, sprinkle-encrusted doughnut. I know if I DO eat a breakfast pastry, it should probably have a more sophisticated flavor profile than just sugar, sugar and more multi-colored sugar. Even so, every time I see a mother get a sprinkle doughnut for her kid, I secretly covet the sweet confection in the five year olds’ hands. The same goes for ice cream, cake, even cookies- Sprinkles always make things better. Other countries totally get this. In Australia and New Zealand (and I’ve seen it done in France as well) kids get to eat buttered bread with sprinkles on top and they call it fairy bread! Since I’m pretty sure fairies are exactly 1000 times more awesome than any other imaginary thing I could ever want to be, this automatically makes sprinkles the official best dessert decoration on the planet. Fact.

But I digress….

The point of my gush-fest on sprinkles is to explain why my feat yesterday was such a triumph. You see, yesterday I made homemade, from-scratch Confetti Cake! I’ve wanted to try my hand at homemade Confetti Cake for quite a while, but I never got around to it. I love Confetti Cake, but since it actually traces its orgins to a boxed mix, most people have never had one from scratch. Well people, I am here to tell you to think outside the box and make this cake!

The recipe is simple. I got it from iheartcuppycakes.com, so you can follow the link to check it out.

The secret, in my opinion, is the type of sprinkles you buy. I got round ones (I also used them to decorate the top of the cake, if you need a reference.) They produce the most consistent color splotches in the cake once it’s baked. Otherwise, the rest is simple and SUPER delicious!