Happy Birthday Daddy!

About a week ago my father hit a milestone. He turned 50 years old. Not one to make a fuss, my dad insisted on a small family breakfast and absolutely no other festivities. We, of course, obliged. However, my mom simply could not stand NOT having a cake. So for Sunday lunch, she requested I make a German Chocolate Cake- his favorite. This cake is not too difficult to make, though it does use a ridiculous number of bowls- 1 for the butter/sugar mixture, 1 for the melted chocolate, 1 for the dry ingredients, 1 for the egg whites and 1 for the egg yolks. That’s 5 bowls for 1 cake recipe! Fortunately the frosting is a 1 pot deal, otherwise, I might have had to pause and do dishes in the midst of cooking. But other than this cake dirtying up every dish in your kitchen, it’s a simple enough recipe to follow. And believe me when I say the results are rewarding.Personally, I’m not too big on either cake or chocolate, so you can imagine where I stand on German Chocolate Cake. That being said, I did enjoy the reactions of my taste-testers, and based solely on that, I’m calling this recipe a hit. Honestly, I just google “Bakers German Chocolate Cake recipe” and pick the first one that pops up. You could probably find the instructions printed on the back of the Bakers German Chocolate bar too.


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