Monthly Archives: May 2009

Iron Cupcake 010: Savory

When people think about cupcakes, the word “savory” doesn’t usually come to mind. However, anyone who frequents cupcake blogs has seen a recent trend of adding savory elements to these normally coma-inducingly-sweet concoctions. Bacon is the most common addition. And, though I did manage to stay true to my vegetarian roots, my cupcake this month gives a nod to the unusual ingredient.

While I vacillated between several different options for my entry this month, in the end I decided to make a Jalapeno Popper Cupcake complete with zesty Southwestern Ranch frosting.

The cake is a base of cornbread with jalapenos and fake bacon bits sprinkled throughout. A cream cheese center completes the “popper” tribute. Atop the cake is a dollop of  Southwestern Ranch sour cream dip. A true Tex-Mex delight!003

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